Sheila's trademark style is a combination of catchy rock roll and blues songs (often with actions or hand-jives mixed with heart-achingly gentle songs).
Schools in human body gifts Australia, South Africa, Japan, the Caribbean, Canada and the USA have also joined in the fun.
This is a sign of the rapid progress captured by Ofsted reports and, more importantly, the progress of pupils in our school which has seen us perform well in school league tables.We have been chosen to partner with St Patricks National Teaching School, Salford.A success story that is set to continue.We look forward to welcoming you into an exciting future.Sheila Wilson wrote her first musical, Hosanna Rock!, in 1990; it was published in 1993 and quickly became a best-seller.I am delighted with the faith and support that the community are placing in our increasingly successful story.We are entering an exciting new era.
My mission is to ensure that the pupils of olsj get the same opportunities and standards as the pupils in the National Teaching School.
Her publishers include Novello, Golden Apple, Faber Music and her own Company, Redhead Music.Mr Patrick Murden, executive Principal.Dear Parent/Carer, Central to our mission is the relationship we have with you - our parents.My job will be to ensure excellence in both schools.Mr Tite is an experienced and successful Headteacher and will be an asset to our school.Together we will ensure that our pupils benefit from the very best teaching as we ensure that we develop a school that fulfills our Mission to nurture the gifts and talents of all.

She now has over forty titles with new ones published each year, and her music is performed enthusiastically by thousands of schools each year.