Less mess on the cheap!
Pizza Garden :.99 Help the pizza fanatic in your life save cash by growing her own Italian herbs and tomatoes.
Around the House, these great gifts will please everyone on your list not just the homebodies!It's a little over 10, but it's cool, so bear with.Why a few decks?The two books listed above have both had a great impact on my own life.I write in my personal journal and in my pocket notebook all the time.Fancy Candles : 9 Or, you could get the candle itself.It requires teamwork, good communication, and smart decision-making to win and its short enough that it can be played over and over again.
The cinnamon flavor is the best, but they have tons of flavors to choose from, and new seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and vanilla bean, too.
A delicious cup of hot chocolate is a great treat in the winter months.
Good Chocolate : 5 or less If you know me, you know this had to show up on my list.The Land OLakes Classics hot chocolate mixes are my favorite medium-level hot chocolate mixes.Field Notes are sturdy, as are the similarly-priced pocket notebooks from Scout Books, Word., and Doane Paper.Pioneered by a 20-year-old beekeeper in the Jacksonville, Florida, area (and sold in local coffee shops while I lived there this honey isnt just delicious: its supports a really cool, small business and a young entrepreneur.A puzzle book with a small footprint is a good gift, whether the recipient tosses it in their purse or leaves it on their bedside table with a pen at the ready.Want a good starting point?Just one of these knives takes a plate of cheese from an appetizer to a display worthy of any get-together.I especially love this case since its transparent you can still see the beautiful design, which is part of your phones high price tag to begin with!Check out our list of some of the most unique products out there, and you might just find yourself adding a few bags of beer flavored jelly beans to your shopping cart.