gifted season 1 episode 8

Otto uses his mutant power.
She wants Dreamer to take away the memories Nora has of seeing her foster parents die.
Slide 2/5 Act III, polaris and Eclipse continue to argue over how to interrogate the Hound.
Thunderbird is trying to coordinate how the Mutant Underground network can handle the influx of refugees.Eclipse is the first to realize Chloes suffering from withdrawal.Together, they were called Fenris, the wolf, and they were incredibly powered.The Gifted to use the Strucker name, and we got it in this episode.They leave Thunderbird in the shop.We've spent 7 hours waiting for the payoff to the conscious choice.
Esme was the first to break away from the Cuckoo group, using Kick to take them over and then joining Xorn/Magneto's new Brotherhood.
Reeds father, Otto, asks about Reeds xbox code giveaway live mother, who is still in Atlanta.
When they were apart, Andrea and Andreas had the same powers as Andy and Lauren.Hold on tight, mutants.It turns out his work at Trask Industries revolved around finding a cure for the mutant gene.They get heated, but Andy stares them down and they back off.Reeds father says they shouldnt have wasted their time coming there.