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11 City Being Pavilion edit The City Being pavilion is designed by kinsman garden company coupon codes the join venture of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Land Design Studio in London.
The pavilion was decorated with natural materials; wood and a pebble stone floor, all surrounded by a water curtain representing green living in the city.
18 A large stage within the pavilion was used to unveil joint Saudi-Chinese business deals, including a new railway between the cities of Mecca and Medina, which will be constructed by a Chinese firm.Retrieved Expo unveils best pavilions Retrieved 2010-November-18 "NInternational Architecture Awards 2012".These websites may provide useful information concerning plant sciences and other related fields.47 The main theme of the Pavilion was "Hong Kong A City with Unlimited Potential".The first part of the exhibition contained a miniature outdoor gallery, surrounded by water features and a traditional Naga fountain, the host sometimes entertained waiting visitors by teaching simple Thai vocabulary before entering the pavilion.On October 3, 2010, the 'Happy Street' welcomed its 7th million visitor, which was 10 of the total visitors of the Expo 2010, and above the 5 to 10 goal of the Dutch stand.
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"Pavilions of the world".With the help and inspiration of her father, Gerard Barnes Lambert, and her New Hampshire grandfather, Arthur Houghton Lowe (1853-1932 the young Rachel Mellon started a lifelong pursuit of collecting rare and informative materials. ."A Modern Rendition of Ancient Civilization"."Sekcja polska - expo 2010".The pavilion mainly emphasized two key features: the national features and the traditional gourmet of Bangladesh.Georgetown, District of Columbia.The Saudi Pavilion saw a number of heads arizona golf discount card of state and government as well as celebrities visiting including Robert De Niro, Liv Tyler and Yao Ming.

MeteoWorld Pavilion edit The first meteorological pavilion ever at an expo, this explored efficient energy use, energy conservation, natural phenomenon (via a 3-D film weather forecasting, disaster prevention and climate change.