Gregorio Feliciano: Coolest store ever to open in City Walk.
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Paige: It is rumored that when Tom Riddle left Hogwarts he worked at Borgin and Burkes.
Big Mark: Owned and operated by Jimmy Hart.Goofy Mickey gifts galore plus souvenirs at discounted prices.Shawn B: Be patient, Spongebob himself will make a personal appearance for a photo opportunity for your kids, or for you if you're a kid at heart.Best Shopping on I-Drive Orlando 8723 International.Kim Trask: Great prices, hakan: Discover the best jar candles in best sellers!Vinyl toys fun toys.Come check out everything Transformers!Listen closely to the Vanishing Cabinet!Love the sausages and beans.Michael V: Stuff for the kids, thalyta Maia: Tudo de bom!

Jon Anson: Try the Winston's sausages, Cameron's bridies and pies with HP sauce.