The iTunes gift will be sent to an email address, so you will need to have that information to complete the brew international coupon code steps below.
That process is covered in a cnet story called.That item could be an app, a movie, a TV show, a song, an album, an audiobook or an e-book.You can continue reading below to learn the the walrus poetry prize steps needed in order to.This is especially great for birthdays and holidays, or just when you want to share your favorite album or TV episode with a friend of loved one.Gifting someone a free app or other item wouldn't quite be in the holiday spirit, so Apple doesn't offer a gift option on free content.Friends in the.K., for instance, won't be able to download what you send them.Click the Send Another Gift button if you have more people on your iTunes shopping list or the Done button if you're finished.TV (full seasons and single episodes).Next to the price of the item, theres a drop-down.
ITunes opens to display the Redeem Code page.
At the next screen, select a theme for the email card bearing your gift.
Next button at the top-right corner of the screen.This is all it takes to send a gift from the iTunes Store!Do this in the same way you'd find anything else at iTunes: by searching or browsing.To send on a later date, click.Your recipient clicks the Redeem button, and your gift is downloaded.This article will show you how to send an album as a gift from your iPhone.