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Unforsaken Mask was added to PS4 version.
Replaced the intro video, removed the DLC heists requirement for the Death Wish Achievement.
Which fixed some issue that caused by The Big Score update.Added an escape icon to Rats day 2 Fixed an issue where players could not take the loot from some safes on Rats day 2 Moved a collision volume on Rats day 2 where players may get stuck swats no luxury housewarming gift ideas longer target the Mendoza's.Added the new swat Van Enemy to the game.Fixed an issue where Hostage Taker regenerate health would trigger more often the intended Fixed an issue where Partners In Crime did not work correctly Leadership skill gives bonuses now even when suppressed Akimbo Pistols will now benefit from the Gunslinger skill in the same.Fixed an issue where bags could not be picked up when colliding with paintings.Fixed an issue where players wouldn't get any experience reward when escaping with the plane Bank Heist Edit Fixed a spot where loot bags could get stuck out of reach for the player Fixed a collision issue in the copy machine notre dame football win loss records room Diamond Store Edit.Fixed an issue where the players sometimes couldn't dominate law enforcers.Play and Listen download for free https clickdj lecastlevania or alternative gift registry ideas download stream via the music service of your choice https fanlinkto paydayep you can also support my music on patreon https wwwpatreon Le Castle Vania - Fully Loaded Epic Win Payday EP Version Official Mp3.
Fixed a crash related to the ECM Jammer Fixed an issue that caused some civilians to be unresponsive Fixed an issue that caused civilians to untie themselves Fixed an issue that caused Team AI to to have question marks above their heads Civilians now.Choosing a pattern without having a color picked will make a mask revert to default until a color has been picked Levels Edit General Edit Added the Cook Off standalone Heist Added the Armored Transport: Train standalone Heist Added the Car Shop Heist Added the.Fixed an issue where players couldn't activate the feedback on the ECM Jammer when coming back from custody.Fixed several issues where Clovers hair clipped through certain masks.The Big Score update, edit, the Big Score update (PS4 Update #1.01) was available for both PS4 and Xbox One version of Payday 2 Crimewave Edition for free in 2016/9/17.