And these bottles all free, not a single drink paid.
Because they want me, they want me in their club.Because youre real enough to give.Chorus: The Weeknd, i'm gifted when I'm faded, the container store promotion code 2015 i'm faded all the time.Making wishes, now I'm french kissing your bitch in Paris.You're the only one I notice.Because I know that's when they love.There ain't nothing wrong with groupie love.Put you niggas to shame, i be rolling all day, mix it in the champagne.
That's like pissin' in a freezer, trying to make canaries.
Verse 1: The Weeknd, all these bitches hate you, this is something I know.Come and find me now, I got an army with me now.Verse 2: French Montana, win 4 numbers results i be gifted when I'm faded, faded all the time.It's really hard for me to focus, yeah.They love me when I'm high.Dipping and you know it, I be pimpin like I owe.Said I'm gifted when I'm faded, i'm faded all the time.Try to find a bitch, maybe get married.Come and find me Da Gianni's that's from '92.Cuz I'm down for whatever I can always keep.

Turn your brains oodles and noodles For thinking you got a screw loose I tighten you up, them coroners will button you up Chorus: The Weeknd I'm gifted when I'm faded I'm faded all the time Because I know that's when they love me They.
Cuz baby, I'm an XO nigga coming.
Heard your spoil her ass when I bought her a number two.