fiberglass 90 degree sweep

81135p- 40 quart Groen, Tilting Kettle model TBD/7-40, all stainless steel food grade construction, electrically heated fluid filled jacket, National Board rated 54526) 50 PSI at 300 degree F, 240 volt 3 phase 35 amp, manually operated tilting with pour spout, jacket fluid sight glass.
Gallon Lee, Kettle, stainless steel, tilting, jacketed, steam, with pouring lip mounted on painted mild steel A frame, 40 PSI jacket 62561p- 10 gallon Spartanburg Stainless Products, Kettle, 316 stainless steel, approximate 28" diameter x 5" straight side, dished top bottom, internal rated 100 PSI.
46185p- 300 gallon Groen, Scrape Agitated Fully Jacketed Open Top Kettle model RA300SP, all stainless steel construction with fully jacketed, insulated stainless steel shrouded body, jacket rated 90 PSI at 338 degree F, single motion full scraping agitator with nylon finger scrapers driven.In part 1 of this series, we explained the three stages of creosote buildup.The hangers are made of stainless steel and are used in both wet and dry locations to support runs of Split Conduit on poles, ceilings, bridges, and walls.57053p- 40 gallon Kettle, 33" diameter (32" ID) x 16" deep with 2" CB outlet, 18" discharge height, mounted on carbon steel 3 leg reinforced stand with interconnected legs, full jacket (no tag visible rolled brim with top steel ring connected to legs 21249p-.In part 2, we explained how to remove creosote.The earth is always shifting and the stack of tiles moves over time.Gallon Groen, Kettle model TDB-20, stainless steel, electric, table top, manual tilt, 50 PSI electric jacket, National Board rated, 208 volt, 30" high x 24" long x 16" wide.As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity and honesty, continuous improvement and the self discipline to take on challenges and see them through.This was partly because the wood was not as fully consumed, but also because a lot more heat went up the chimney. .The wrong mortar is very often used, or dries too quickly and falls out after construction.46172p- 200 gallon Paddle Agitated Kettle, stainless steel sanitary, 46" diameter x 38" deep, agitated by 8 blade paddle agitator from horizontal shaft with paddles contouring to hemispherical interior of vessel, driven by 1 HP air operated drive with double reduction gear reducer, 3" center.
Chimneys routinely create 3rd degree creosote (because of the lack of combustion air and the low flue gas temperatures.).
79881p- 138 gallon Vulcan, Jacketed Steam Kettle model GT150E, stainless steel, removable bridge cover top, hemispherical bottom, 1/2 HP scrape agitator, 2" clamp outlet, National Board #4411, maximum working pressure 15 PSI at 250 degree F, gas fired, burner input rate 135 BTU/hour, slide and splash algarve discount tickets 38" diameter.
This can open mortar joints and sometimes even crack the tiles.Flue tiles that have contained a chimney fire almost always crack. .Strapped to a Pallet: 42" wide x 48" Long x 36" tall 82006p- 10 gallon Groen, Tilting Kettle model DN/VA10, 316 sanitary stainless steel, rated full vacuum internal 100 PSI at 338 degree F, jacket, quick clamp lid, Kinney vacuum pump with 1/3 HP 115/230.70455p- 150 gallon Kettle, stainless steel construction, stainless steel jacket, approximate.5" ID x 33" deep, 5 HP 3/60/230/460V top center bridge mounted agitator to right angle gear box, side bottom sweep agitation missing scrapers, 2 stainless steel internal baffles, stainless steel hinged covers.Liter HM Rustfri, Kettle, stainless steel construction, jacketed for.7 bar (39 PSI at 150 degree C top entering agitator, on 1- New 60 gallon Bcast, Kettle, double motion counter rotating scrape surface agitator, open top with center bridge covers, hemispherical bottom, 1.36315p- 40 gallon Groen, Open Top Jacketed Kettle, stainless steel, carbon steel body, jacket with stainless steel clad interior with polished finished, jacket rated for code promo uber eat 40 PSI working pressure,.5" center bottom discharge with NPT "T" welded directly to bottom discharge with 17" floor clearance.RPM motor shaft 3 blade prop agitator, 32" inside diameter x 28" deep with center bottom outlet, jacket rated 90 PSI at 330 degrees F, prior use paint manufacturing 54085p- 60 liter capacity Technogel, Agitated Kettle model Bollitore L-60, stainless steel, scrape agitator single motion.70409p- 350 gallon Groen/Dover, Kettle, jacketed rated 90 PSI at 338 degree F, jacket needs repair, equipped with Lightnin.5 HP model XLQ-100D, top mounted mixer, sanitary, 3" center bottom outlet, last used in food plant.54892p- 30 gallon Jacketed Kettle, stainless steel lined, open top,.5" center bottom discharge, mounted on 3 interconnected legs, 16" discharge height, 36" overall height, stainless steel clad interior has polished food grade finish, formerly used in cosmetic industry, will pressure test jacket for low.57249p- 10 gallon Groen, Kettle model TDB7-40, U shaped, open top, dish bottom, atmospheric jacket, stainless steel exterior, 24" height x 17" width x 27" length overall dimensions, 480 volt 3 phase 12kw.

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