Here's some more progress in mid to late September 2010: Welding time again!
An intermediate close.
Here the lower wheel mount assembly is hung from the upper wheel axle, giving me something to shoot for with the tool arm.
That's a transfer punch that was handy and the right size, and not an actual length.5" rod that will be used as the wheel axle.They range from a pile of steel to a pretty complete basic frame. The 1" bar sockets into the 1" hole to help alignment.A closer view of the other end Hooray!The high frequency as well as the argon flow control both started acting up, so I m&s christmas gift ideas had some delay while I moved the old welder (repairable, but I didn't want to bother) to a new owner and waited for the delivery of my new Miller.Upper wheel yoke The lower plate will be welded to the quill with another of the ubiquitous 1" alignment rods (shown next to it, along with the spindle for the Hoosier pattern wheel). I suspect that it may be easier to push the dented metal through the wheels with the springs active but on the other hand that would seem to indicate less action taken to compress the metal - instead of compressing the metal the springs will.Here are four photos of my wheeling machine.It is a LOT less bother to just buy the Hoosier Pattern wheels, and you'll very likely end up with a much nicer set of wheels.
This shows how the internals stack.
Add to Wish List, new User Coupon: Store Promotion: Return Policy, returns accepted if product not as described, buyer pays return shipping what prize did wilbur win in charlotte's web fee; or keep the product agree refund with seller.I've been getting back in the garage recently working on a new motorcycle frame project and that is going to need a gas tank so it got me thinking about the E-wheel and when I reviewed the page I fiound myself thinking "didn't I have.My test procedure was as follows: I cut several 3" x 9" coupons from a sheet.062" thick (16g) aluminum. The white material on the chassis is "Must for Rust" surface prep.So I got to do two more circumferential welds than originally planned.Shipping, calculate your shipping cost by country/region and quantity.Most E-wheels have the wheels mounted at right angles to the frame, which with an angled lower arm as used on the.Finished bulkheads with pipe, close-up of a bulkhead on a section of pipe.Since I've got a CNC milling machine I decided to get fancy with the bulkhead plates.

I got so involved with aligning things that I forgot that this bolt would not be able to be unscrewed once the plate was tacked in place.
 The lower wheels will live in their ziploc bags inside the boxes when not in use.
However, I forgot that the important thing was keeping the planes of both ends of the pipe normal to the frame fixture base.