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Super insurance cover : Choosing Super cover insurance you have a small tread lightly discount Excess which means that you will be fully comprehensively insured against accident damage and theft including damage to another car.
Standard Insurance (with excess) you have an excess according to the excess amount shown in the table referring to the car group you have chosen and will have to leave a deposit according to the value of the car for that amount when collecting your.Collision damage waiver with excess on standard and super insurance.Read: These are the 5 most affordable cars to own in South Africa.Driver buys third party insurance at the border (Mozambican side) cost around R250.- Insurance companies are represented opposite customs.Kilometers / miles allowed: Rates include unlimited kilometers/unlimited mileage for both Standard Super cover insurance for 4 days and longer.On 24 November only, if you buy any new Volvo, it will pay your installments up to the value of R10 000 per month, for an entire year.You will only be required to leave a fuel and security deposit from R 2000.You can contact your local dealer here.Upgrades or extensions to be authorised through Drive Africa otherwise higher daily public/rack rates apply.
Cross border letter must be advised at time of booking with list of countries you intend to travel.
Price excludes delivery fees and on-the-road-costs (such as vehicle licensing).
R x amount deposit which is stated under detailed rates as a security and fuel deposit.Park your car in well lit areas.Drivers license: South Africa Government transport legislation says that the renter must be in possession of a drivers license in English or the licence needs to be accompanied with an official English translation or an international drivers licence.This will include discounts from R8,000 to R50,000 at any We Sell Cars Warehouse Nationwide.The rental fee must be paid to Drive Africa in advance so we can issue a prepaid car rental voucher to pick up your vehicle from the rental company.Vehicle information and images supplied 2018 duoporta vehicle information specialists.Young driver (at least 18 years old, drivers license must be valid 1 year or older second driver (250) 3 and 4th driver payment once-off of R250.- per driver (not per day).Any third party claim damage to other car is covered with this option.

The super-cover insurance is full comprehensive cover in South Africa with excess as mentioned under detailed rates when crossing the borders into the neighboring countries the standard insurance excess applies. .