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A detailed catalogue showing all the many elizabeth arden red door aura gift set accessories available for Kearns borers.
The company is known for giving credit to distressed purchasers.3 Jig Grinder, Precision Rotary tables, Micro-sine Table, Precision Index Centres, Moore Die Flipper, Pantograph Wheel Dresser, Motorized Centres.25 M365B mikron Range Catalogue dated 1935 showing Precision Bench Centre Lathes, Bench Capstan Lathes and Bench Milling Machines and Accessories as made from the early 1930s until the 1940s.8 M984 myford VM-B self-contained bench-mounting vertical milling drilling machine.Sugar Mill Retail Park, Plymouth, with 14,000 sq ft of space and 25 tenants has been bought from the administrators by Chris Dawson, owner of the 500 mn turnover Range chain.20 C50dcy churchill DCY Crankpin Grinder.
3 catalogues showing the standard, Automated Model L (with Martonair Variable-sequence Control) and the Automatic Single-spindle 2nd Operation Models.
Superb Photographs of some very large machines.
25 S98 scope Multi-purpose lathe.25 L328 levin (USA) mens christmas gifts under 30 Precision lathes: Full Lathe Accessory Catalogue.9 Pages 15 D150E Dominion Bandsaws Types DNA, AKA.40 W44B Webster Bennett Vertical Turning and Boring Miller Series 1 Model.Detailed Accessories Catalogue - late 1930s early 1940s.

25 S225H SIP (societe genevoise) Jig Borer.5E.