Trump won the, catholic vote by a margin of 52 to 45, the polls showed.
In what the Wall Street Journal is calling " one of the biggest upsets.S.The five Democratic electors who voted for people other than Clinton included three from Washington State who chose Colin Powell and another who chose Yankton Sioux tribal elder.The New York Times.Bush edged out Al Gore 271-266 despite Gore winning some 537,000 more popular votes nationwide.The Clinton campaign's "perceived hostility to religious belief" led to her defeat, but it pointed out the ability of religious voters to influence elections.Tim Kaine as vice president, who appeared to run counter to his, catholic beliefs with his positions on abortion, the death penalty, and marriage, did not help her case, according to the editorial.Her choice of Virginia Sen.
(In the 1824 election, which was contested between rival factions of the old Democratic-Republican Party, Andrew Jackson won a plurality of the popular and electoral vote, but because he was short of an Electoral College majority the election was thrown to the House of Representatives.
According to Breitbart's analysis, Trump 's actual numbers discount mens riding boots among minorities may actually be higher, since as many as 7 percent of black men and up to 5 percent of Latino men refused to tell pollsters how everyday god gives us is a gift quote they voted.
Thus, a (very) pro-abortion politician like Hillary Clinton gets a pass from.Presidential election, according to exit polls cited.Gosh, whatever happened to Who am I to judge?Courtesy m, the loss in Clinton's popularity among Catholics whom polls as late as September showed were supporting Clinton in large numbers is likely owing to WikiLeaks emails revealing top campaign staffers mocking and denigrating the Catholic Church, calling it a "middle ages dictatorship" with.Also of note: In September, the dissident group Catholics for Choice even called for public funding of abortion something that clearly goes against authentic Catholic moral teaching.Catholic liberals because she is, in their misguided minds, right on the other issues."It's safe to say that once again, rumors of the demise of religion as a voting issue have been greatly exaggerated the editorial said. white Catholics also supported Trump over Clinton by a wide, 23-point margin (60 to 37 rivaling Romneys 19-point victory among those in this group. Anyone voting for.