There are classics like The Watchmen (for someone whos interested in a new take on superhero tropes socio-political graphic memoirs like Persepolis or Maus, and literary works from Chris Ware or Daniel Clowes.
Most people, as they get older, get less and less invested in new music, or even in finding cool old music to listen.
And now, with chase rewards partners airlines services like Shutterfly, Snapfish, or even Target, you dont even have to put those precious memories into a scrapbook.
And then sell it to other lovers of that thing, and become rich, or at least slightly less broke.A bottle of good bitters and a book of cocktails Image by Chelsea Nesvig.Pancake mix and maple syrup Image by Kurman Communications.Winter can be hard on both the body and the soul.Shop for wine-related items at Bed Bath and Beyond.You could make a calendar for your family or friend group that has everyones birthday or anniversary listed.The first issue of your favorite comic book or graphic novel series Comic books are a growing market, and theres a lot more out there these days than just Marvel and.Wine store employees are a lot like librarians: they wander about all day just dying for someone to ask them a question.Theyre not just for hopeless crushes or your girlfriend from college.
Once youre past college and have stopped drinking trash can punch and PBR, you inevitably start to turn your taste-buds toward more sophisticated ways of getting plastered.
A handful of nips of quality whiskeys Image by doctyper on Flickr.(For instance, you can get three months of print and digital access to the New Yorker for only 12, plus a free tote bag!).Be upfront if you dont know anythingthey can still make recommendations.Christmas, everyones house smells of delicious pine.Out of Print Clothing has a lot of inexpensive (18) literature-themed totes (as well as pouches and coasters!).(Unless, of course, thats your thing.) Shutterfly runs big discounts pretty regularly, so keep your eyes open and you might be able to cross a whole bevy of people off your list with one order.Bottle of nice olive oil If youve ever watched Ina Gartens show on the Food Network, you know Inas all about using some good olive oil, and Im told by people who actually follow her advice that you really can tell the difference.Travel-size toiletries Image by frankieleon.

This is another essential that often goes neglected, until the poor wallet is dusty, dirty, and warped from all those years of being stuffed in a pocket (or a pocketbook).