The one tea per month subscription option includes one specially selected seasonal tea, an extra tea sample, brewing instructions, and pairing suggestions.
40 The Tea Spot Steeping Mug This mug has it all figured out.
The infuser is large enough to gifts for her australia sydney let tea leaves expand properly, while the lid keeps the tea hot when steeping and then acts as a coaster when its done brewing.Special Offers - Throughout the year we will send special offers, provide early access to large promotional events and provide one-time discounts exclusively to our club members.And you can even blend with vanilla ice cream for a Chai Tea Shake!Rather than buy the whole kit.See what I mean?There are also additional styles available.Like this exciting collection of 6 summer teas., Spicy and sweet tasting collection, designed to infuse its richness into your delicate., A gift of 4 gorgeous tea vials., For a romantic gesture like no other - a chest stocked with a selection of the freshest.
Or you can add some finely chopped semisweet or white chocolate to turn it into a Chocolate (or White Chocolate) Chai Tea Latte.
The resulting beverage is a lightly sweet, warmly spiced, creamy blend of tea and milk.
RichRelevanceCallback per page, our seasonal teas make the perfect gift for tea lovers.What more could your favourite foodie want for Christmas?!Jackies custom ceramics are special gifts for tea lovers that appreciate fine crafts(wo)menship.You determine how often you want to receive your subscribed items by selecting the frequency of your deliveries.Spiced Tea - Palanquin - 40 Teabags.View full product details, add to Bag 25 off!You may also like:.The attention to detail on this infuser is pretty awesome, just look at the holder at the end of the chain, its a TIE Fighter.Notes You may also make mix in a blender instead of a food processor, but you will probably have to blend the ingredients in batches and then mix all of the powdered ingredients together in a bowl until thoroughly incorporated.