In partnership with the Town of Penetanguishene and Urban 365 Slide, the day is a new family event planned to draw 5,000 people to the combined festivities.
Piratefest Saturday August 4, 2018 ideas for a wedding anniversary gift to husband 10:00am to 5:00pm.
Hoist the Colours: The war of 1812.By 1820, it was home to over 70 people, including sailors, officers, shipwrights, and soldiers.Tales of actual people associated with the Military and Naval Establishments will include that of the McGarraty brothers who died on the march from York in June of 1831 and the tale of Private James Drury who died New Years Eve 1836 on guard duty.Award winning Pumpkinferno at Haunted Harbour Evenings: Thursday-Sunday October 4 29, every evening October 22 30, 2018.Tecumseth Centre, complete will all-new exhibits and displays.Saturday July 7 Sunday July 8, 2018.An impressive stone Officers Quarters was built in 1845.By 1834, Canada was defended exclusively by these forces.Royal Newfoundland Regiment Garrison Event: The war of 1812.
Tecumseth based on her 1815 log, and see her original 1815 hull remains in the spectacular new.M.S.His Majestys Naval Establishment on Lake Huron, (as it was first called) kept ships prepared to supply British posts to the northwest.Ghost Tours at Discovery Harbour Wednesdays: 9:00pm to 10:30pm July 4 to August 29.Experience the phenomenon of hauntingly magical and stirring outdoor exhibits of hand-carved pumpkins, all set against the night-time backdrop of Discovery Harbour.Special events taking place at Discovery Harbour during 2018.But w characters will be lurking about in the expanded terror zone!Five large ships, 15 smaller vessels, and numerous workshops and dwellings were built.

Visitors can enjoy above and below deck tours of the replica.M.S.
A spooky guided tour by candlelight featuring encounters with apparitions in the window and footsteps in the hallway.