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This first year a small profit was raised.Even now there are 30 volunteers who help me, the only paid professional.Today we receive several thousands of entries from over 80 countries worldwide.Tell us about some prizewinners you've discovered from outside North America and Great Britain.A: Over the years we've had winners from many countries but particularly from the US and Canada (Jendi being one hire and reward insurance meaning in 2010!).In those days there were 3 categories: primary school entrants, secondary school and adults.The Poetry Kit website is hard to find australia promo code also a fund of knowledge.
Every year 120,000 new books are published in the UK and it is the biggest creative industry.
10.00 the Bridport Prize anthology 2016 - PDF.Spring 2011 The Best Free Literary Contests Subscribe to our free email newsletter and get instant access to our database of over 200 quality free poetry and prose contests.Is this typical of arts funding in Britain?How are the Bridport's lucrative awards funded?Today many thousands of entries are received from over 80 countries worldwide.