birthday party donations in lieu of gifts

If you are having this party away from your home, make sure the party planners (at the bowling alley for example) know what you are doing ahead of time.
The thing is, you never know who might be struggling.
Heres the full thread : The kids were invited to a birthday party this weekend and I absolutely hate that I have to get further into debt to buy this kids present.
When I was a teenager, my mother decided that one of our Christmas gifts would be a goat for a family in Africa.Because Ive been that kid who attends birthday parties with a really cheap present, or none at all, and its so embarrassing.At the shelter, she and a couple of her friends dragged bags of kitty litter half their weight into an pile in the office.And have wealthy parents.Both of my kids are pretty generous souls.But it is 2018, and I just feel that this is a year for bold gestures.
If you feel that asking for donations or no gifts is the right thing for you, then be confident in doing.
Not only are you reducing the amount of stuff and clutter coming into your home but you are also making a contribution to others who need it most.
My friend wrote No gifts, please on the birthday invite for her 1-year-old son, and she was firm with.And if your children are involved, you are teaching them about helping others and giving them a broader view of the world they live.Id love to see this idea become more popular.You need to balance being respectful and polite, without demanding anything of your guests, but being clear that you dont need any gifts.Your First Name* Email Address* Comments This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Mind you, theyre bottom-of-the-line, cheap phones, and my daughters has a cracked screen, but we provide those.Maybe youve seen other people try it and miserably fail.You can customise them to you own situation good gifts for newlyweds and add in your chosen charity details.

We had one at the humane society.