birthday gift for wife turning 40

If you were 39 yesterday it must have been all the shipping and handling that set you over the edge.
I mean, happy birthday.I am so proud to have a sister like you.I know you may not be thinking along the same lines.The way in which things take place are always fresh and without an end!Some say that life is a book and nothing in it makes sense until you turn forty- so maybe Hollywood is where you belong after all.She just tells everyone shes as old.Being 40 means that you have experienced enough to know what you want and are still young enough to go after.
All I know is that today you are so hot you are, how should I say.
You might be right.
But forget where youre flashing blinking lights discount code going.Happy 40th birthday my dear!Youre the absolute best I cant thank you enough for turning forty before I did.Turning forty is not as bad as they say- it means your awesome, cool, smart, and hip, times forty!Savor your birthday because its time to kick back and relax.