australia post load and go gift card

More information about what happens with renewal cards can be found in our FAQs, it's the 8th topic down.
In this case, a new card will be automatically mailed to your registered address.
Australia Post Official, hello heythere101, Thanks for your question.
If you haven't received this new card yet please log into your account and check that your details are correct.A new card will be sent to you if: - You have registered your details (including your name and an Australian address) and - Your available balance is greater than the card renewal fee prior to the expiration date.The card renewal fee will be deducted from your card balance and the remaining balance will be transferred to the new (renewed) card.Load&Go Gift Card is the flexible way to let someone know you're thinking of them.Spend wherever Visa's accepted.Hey Kat, Thanks for your question.I recommend calling Load&Go directly about this using the number on the back of your card so they can help you with updating the details to get a copy of your pin.'Primal Joint Support' is a supplement that contains several herbs, minerals and vitamins that work to support the joint health of those qantas rewards booking who consume.#11 - 25th October 2014, quick Key, books, Find the Factors, chalk pens, alternative number line #12 - 2nd November 2014.
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