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23 Viewers disagreed and ratings were pushed to gift ideas for little girl 8 years old over 8 million for the first time.
Nikki left for Brussels to live with her mother Margi.Channel 4 was forced to broadcast an apology to viewers who complained to the ITC about the highly contentious plot and Phil Redmond was finally forced to admit "We got it wrong".3 4, brookside became very successful and was often Channel 4's highest rated programme for a number of years in the mid-1980s and with audiences regularly in excess of nine million viewers.Page 90 20 Years of Brookside by Graham Kibble-White.The third video released in 1990 included three classic episodes featuring the popular character Harry Cross played by Bill Dean.93 This was the last time the famous houses of Brookside Close were ever used as a set for a TV or film production.As viewing figures plummeted, stabilising at around 1 million, the production team and writers started to iron out Brookside' s teething troubles.Page 107 20 Years of Brookside by Graham Kibble-White.Mal Young and, paul Marquess.
His wife, Mandy (Sandra Maitland) and daughters Beth ( Anna Friel ) and Rachel ( Tiffany Chapman ) moved into number 10 under a shroud of mystery.
Therefore, introductory episodes concentrated on the development of the anchor Grant family, with Sheila ( Sue Johnston ) and Bobby ( Ricky Tomlinson ) who had moved up the social ladder to a big, four-bedroomed house on the ' middle-class ' Brookside Close from.
79 Final year edit On 30 November 2002, Brookside quietly transferred to its new 'graveyard' Saturday afternoon slot, typically starting at around 4:00pm, and the programme was optimistically retooled to fit the new 90 minute daytime only slot.In fact, prior to the use of these houses as sets, another house in Brookside Close was also used in Hollyoaks as the Cunninghams' home.The siege culminated in three shots resulting in the death of Kate followed by John's suicide.The closing sequence was changed entirely, giving a bird's-eye view of the close, which was used from lasted until In 1999, the titles were completely changed, and new shots were composed to fit into a split-screen box effect these titles were specifically designed to reflect.Phil Redmond explained to disappointed viewers he felt the only way for Beth to leave Brookside was to die.The character of Lindsey was played by Claire Sweeney, and due to the popularity of the actress at the time, many storylines involved her and young daughter, Kylie (Hannah Dowd).The Collins family at number 8 had an eventful time during the early years of Brookside Close.In direct contrast, working-class Ron and DD Dixon ( Vince Earl and Irene Marot ) drove onto Brookside Close during October in the 'Moby a huge mobile shop, and moved into number 8 with their family, thus beginning a long-running feud between the two families.35 19-year-old Rod (Jason Hope) became a police officer, while 16-year-old Tracy (Justine Kerrigan) trained as a hairdresser.

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47 This was until Ron almost had an affair with his employee at the Trading Post, Jackie Corkhill ( Sue Jenkins and when Bev eventually found out, she set fire to Cassa-Bevron and fled the Close in 1996.
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