The wingspan came in.46 feet, or a shade over 10 feet per wing.
Most comment, "It ain't no Cessna." When flown in IMC, particular attention is needed bstn promo code to keep the wings level and not to overbank during turns.
During VFR maneuvering, however, the roll rate is a definite grin maker.
I got a thorough checkout from an AYA instructor, including a full stall series.Mod multitude The AA-1 is easily modifiable, and there are several desirable upgrades on the market.Production ceased in 1978.Second, members of the American Yankee Assn.Some means of punching through the canopy should be seriously considered.Prices are subject to change.Once off the ground, I found the airplane to be a smooth, crisp-handling machine that climbed out at about 1,000 fpm at 110 mph.
For the 1977 model year, three substantial improvements were made.Airspeed control in the pattern is definitely needed in this airplane.It also built up induced drag very rapidly at low kathmandu discount store national account discount airspeedsgetting "behind the curve" in a Yankee was a sure-fire way to make an unplanned arrival someplace other than on the runway.Most important among these is the installation of an O-320 engine.Other leading causes of accidents are engine failure, fuel exhaustion, takeoff obstacles and stall-mushes.It has handling and performance quirks that make it an airplane to be approached with caution.