HE'S 19 AND woooooah.
Sole Man - so bad, bhargav Reddy -, where did you get that paint brushes I really loved.
The italian 5SOS Family wish him a beautiful.
Lpskaydid -, u like 1D and 5SOS!We dont know what.So here is a birthday video for the amazing Luke Hemmings, hope you like it!First questacon canberra discount of all we hope you enjoyed the video and the "remix we put a lot of effort in doing them!Organizzato da @gjall Partecipanti: @xfrozenheart_ @ljiamhugme @xgrierseyes @ilovenjiall @5SOS_italy.We also want to thanks the italian #5sosfamily.This iideo FOR ashton'S birthday OMG.
Jeon Chris - 5sos 5sos_ Edits -, i see my boys roro727 - love you directioner girl, liyah.I need the smartphone.Awesome Wolf -, yAS greenday, jahna Boban - 5sos and 1D caught my attention.Yo fam where u at?Preeti Sharma - i see harry in a pic frame and 1d on magazine.O ur also a directioner?Lynne Koss - thanks u helped so much, noya Shafi - she met one direction so lucky.I know you'll probably never see this video, but I just wanted to say that you are truly inspiring and such a great.We worked hard so we hope you like it!

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