Or splash out on a second honeymoon.
34th anniversary: Opal 35th anniversary: Coral Jewellery is the natural choice for this does southwest have a military discount anniversary gift, as coral goes so well with jade, the gemstone associated with 25 years of marriage.13th anniversary: Lace/Associated Flowers: Hollyhocks, romantic lace is often associated with weddings.Another theory is that they are designed to help you replace wedding gifts at the time they wear out 18th anniversary: Garnet You might not fancy buying each other garnets, but there's nothing wrong with taking a weekend break in the home of these red.39th anniversary: Lace There is no where is the gift message box on amazon traditional material for the 39th wedding anniversary but the modern lists state lace, which also marks the 13th.We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.60th anniversary: Diamond The word 'diamond' originates from the Greek adamus, meaning unconquerable - which, if you've lasted 60 years, is the perfect epithet for your own marriage.To mark your 20th anniversary, throw a roaring twenties fancy dress party, and Charleston the night away.During this time you would have shared, on average, over 87,600 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 10 years, 0 months; assuming you dont work together youve been apart for over 67,660 hours which is about 7 years, 9 months.
Or buy some vintage bottles and invite your party guests to toast the future and the past in vintage ruby port or red wine.
Paper weddings have an edible tradition.Golden weddings have been marked for many years.In medieval Germany, husbands gave their wives a wreath of silver when they had been married for 25 years.Ivory comes from elephants, so if you want to follow tradition in cruelty-free style, choose the modern alternatives of opal or gold gifts instead.45th anniversary: Sapphire Sapphires come in an array of colours - pink, yellow, white, green and red as well as blue.Make sure someone is on hand with the video camera to get it all on tape.Try an alabaster carving or sculpture, as a gift.It looks as if all anniversaries were an excuse for a celebration back in those days - what a good idea!Or hire a limo for the night and enjoy the celebrity lifestyle.